Glass Jawshan Kabir Vial Enclosed in St. Silver Talisman Pendant

Glass Jawshan Kabir Vial Enclosed in St. Silver Talisman Pendant

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This is a beautiful antique-finished sterling silver talisman or taviz locket pendant. Enclosed in a glass vial inside the silver is the famous jawshan kabir (cevşen in Turkish) dua. It measures 1 1/4-inch (3.2 cm) tall and is 5/16inch (.8 cm) thick. Some beleive that this Islamic dua can be worn for protection with Allah's permission. Allah knows best. The words Jawshan Kabir is written on the outside in the front and back. Comes in a small gift box. Chains sold separately.

  • Beautiful filigree dua pendant
  • Jawshan Kabir inscribed on both sides
  • Unique rare design in sterling silver
  • Beautiful antique finish
  • Can be worb by men, women or children


These unique Jawshan Kabir talisman pendants consist of the entire dua copied onto a scroll and placed inside of a waterproof glass vial then enclosed in various designed sterling silver casings. This legendary dua was brought to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the angel Jibrail (AS) who informed him from Allah that when you recite this dua you don't need to wear a coat of mail. Thus Jawshan or Joshan in Persian or Cevsen in turkish means "coat of mail or armor". The bale on these Islamic pendants is for chains measuring 2.5mm in thickness. Choose from our current collection of 7 different designs. These pendants may be also purchased with chains.

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